This piece is for every person who has felt the weight of life and conquered it.


This piece is dedicated to my daughter who battles schizoaffective bipolar every day.

Lady on the Bridge

One early morning, I came across a woman on a bridge in downtown
St. Cloud.  She had climbed to the other
side and was contemplating letting go. 
She was out of hope.  I approached
her, listened, and got her some help. 

We all need to feel seen and heard.  No exceptions.

Justin Carl

My greatest wish is that you would see yourself the way I see you.

Mallory Lynn

This piece speaks to all of the different negative emotions that define all of us at one time or another.  Let go and celebrate who you are.

Script: anger, shame, guilt, fear, doubt

Tree Poem

Poem written by the artist:

“After the furling tornado settles and once again the jagged ground retracts, it’s false stability wrenches forward to try for bearings.

Left crippled and discontent, the tree finds its way upright.  Tumultuous flashbacks harness each branch forcing the limbs less vibrant every time it approaches.

Once steadfast is now twisted in warped deliverance.

Settling dust fossilizes particles that to the naked eye have dissipated, yet weight the tree like years of rings not deserved.  Their stories are plentiful, yet untold.

Lights audacity filters through and fictitious calm resides once again.”

White Flag

Whether it's internal or external, the dialogue we hear is powerful.  These labels have the capacity to swallow us whole.  With strength, force, and might we will prevail.  There is no place for criticism and disgust within our soul.

Script: incapable, unworthy, powerless, inadequate, hopeless

White Tiles

In the past is discontent and frustration.  Looking ahead is clarity and self-acceptance.

Wind Me Up and Let Me Go

You get one life.  It is yours and yours alone.

Scripted: Wind Me Up and Let Me Go


Beneath our hard exterior is
more than meets the eye.
More depth.
More heart.
More emotion.

Scripted: HOLLOW

I'm Suffocating Pt. 1 of 2

I'm Suffocating Pt. 2 of 2

"Words distort to NOTHING as time processes slowly toward the depth of my
My mind encompasses all the mementos that have made me me-- without
sorting. Your stature and presence saturates my existence.
Our interaction washes over me slowly so that breathing is nearly..

"I'm calling out but you don't hear me."


Never is your story set in stone.
Where there is power and will,
there is room to rewrite your